Dear Staffordshire Bull Terrier Breeders!
Dear Staffordshire Bull Terrier owners!

Responsible breeders do their best in planning their litters and in terms of the health of the parents and their puppies. But as long as there are no DNA tests available for various diseases, there is unfortunately no guarantee that the dog is immune from a disease.
Because EPILEPSY unfortunately also occurs in the Staffordshire bull terrier, it is important to the ÖSBC (Austrian Staffordshire Bullterrier Club) to support the research into a DNA test for EPILEPSY.
Since the Institute of Genetics at the University of Bern already has an ongoing research project on "Epilepsy in different breeds", this project is to be supported by the ÖSBC (Austrian Staffordshire Bullterrier Club).
Research: Epilepsy in different breeds - Institute of Genetics (

For research, blood samples from staffies suffering from epilepsy and their relatives are urgently needed. Likewise, samples from dogs that are not sick themselves, but are known as safe carriers of epilepsy, and healthy animals are extremely helpful in finding the gene markers for EPILEPSY.

According to Dr. med. Vet. Matthias Christen, this means for a breed safely 100 samples each from safely idiopathic epileptics, carriers and safely healthy animals (more than 5 years old, never had seizures and never seizures in litter siblings, parents, or direct offspring).
The reason for the effort is that epilepsy is often not inherited from a single gene, but is composed of various genetic factors and. The more samples we can provide, the sooner there is a chance to find these markers in the Staffordshire bull terrier and to determine the loaded dogs.
The aim is that in breeding a selection program for the breeding animals can be created via a DNA test and in the future LESS STAFFIES MUST SUFFER FROM IDIOPATHIC EPILEPSY!!!
For this we absolutely need the help of the breeders and also the Staffi owners!

The epilepsy project can of course also be supported by breeders and Staffi owners from other countries by sending blood samples of their dogs to the Institute of Genetics. 

The breeders/owners of sick dogs, their relatives and safe carriers of epilepsy who are known or reported to the breeding warden, will receive a letter requesting the submission of a blood sample and further information.

The ÖSBC is well aware that this is associated with veterinarian costs, so breeders/owners who show responsibility towards our breed and make their contribution to this project by sending in a blood sample should also receive a corresponding reimbursement of costs.
For dogs registered in the ÖHZB and kept in Austria, a copy will be provided upon presentation of a copy

  • 1) of the completed leaflet and questionnaire (only for sick dogs)
  • 2) the veterinarian's fee note on the blood sample collection and dispatch of samples to the Institute of Genetics, Univ. Bern
  • 3) and the receipt of the postal item to the Institute of Genetics, Univ. Bern (for self-dispatch)

Veterinarian costs for the blood sample (max. 20,-- €) reimbursed by the ÖSBC.

For further questions please contact our
breeding warden: Mr. Johann Raab, e-mail: cheerstaff(at)
or our
office: Mrs. Renate Raab, Tel. 0664 430 74 62, e-mail:
very happy to help.

All data remain with the breeding warden of the ÖSBC and will be treated confidentially!